Spotify vs Amazon Music Differences & Which is Best?

Many premium features are available on Spotify, making it one of the best music streaming platforms. However, Amazon Music is also a very popular streaming service. It’s been hard to decide which one is right for you. Both offer premium features, a huge music catalog, podcasts, as well as audio and video content. The purpose of this article is to provide a detailed comparison between Spotify vs. Amazon Music. Let’s get started.

I will discuss the features and services of both platforms before declaring a winner. After reading this guide, you will find it much easier to choose Spotify vs. Amazon Music. In this post, all the necessary points are discussed, so make sure to read it till the end for a better understanding.

spotify vs amazon music

Spotify vs Amazon Music

Both platforms have an extensive number of users that are rapidly growing daily. Let’s look at some common features and see which will win.

Ease of Use

Spotify has a stationary navigation bar on the side, making it look more sleek and smooth. This navigation bar contains many functions, such as accessing your library directly. For those with an insane number of playlists, this is very useful.

PlatformsAds SkipsSongs SkipsOffline StreamingEasy to Operate
Amazon MusicNoYesNoYes

A drag-and-drop feature is also available in the Spotify app and web player. You can add any song to your existing playlist by dragging and dropping it. The item will automatically be added to your playlist without requiring manual steps. 

In contrast, there are three options at the top of Amazon Music: the home feed, the search, and the library. Amazon Music does not offer a drag-and-drop feature. However, drop-down menus are much easier to use and a convenient feature of Amazon Music instead of drag-and-drop. 

When it comes to mobile applications, there is no big difference between both. The navigation bar is located at the bottom of the screen in both Music Streaming Apps. The library, search, and home links are all available here. The only difference between Amazon Music and Spotify is its Alexa feature. With Amazon Music, you can listen hands-free using Alexa.

Furthermore, Amazon Music offers a filter option in their mobile application to sort your search by artist name, 3D song, and Ultra HD song. Alternatively, Spotify offers many similar options in its library and search bar.

Price & Plans

When it comes to choosing a music streaming platform, most users are concerned with prices.

PlatformsFree PlansIndividual PlanStudent PlanFamily PlanDUO Plan
Amazon MusicYesYesYesYesNo

As a result of looking at the above table, I think you now have a good idea about the planes of these platforms. For more information about plans and pricing, check out the description below.

Free plans are available on both platforms, although they contain limitations, so if you’re interested in learning more, sign up for a free trial. The free plan is annoying because it contains irrelevant advertisements, pop-ups, and limited skips. 

We will now take a closer look at individual plans. Each application offers an individual plan for premium users. Currently, Spotify individual plans start at $9.99/month, while Amazon Music plans cost about $7.99/month for Prime members and $9.99/month for non-prime members. Both apps offer family plans as well. It is much better to sign up for Spotify family plans if you want to use Spotify Premium across multiple accounts. 

Sometimes, paying for individual plans can be very difficult for students. Here comes the student plans. It is easy to get a premium plan at a discount if you are a student. Student plans are available on both platforms. Amazon offers two student plans. In the first case, the cost is $0.99/month for Prime members; in the second case, the cost is $4.99/month for non-prime members. Spotify student plan costs $4.99 a month.

Benefits of Premium Plans

  • No Advertisement.
  • Offline listening.
  • High-quality tracks.
  • Unlimited skips.
  • Unlimited downloads.

There is almost no difference between Spotify and Amazon Music in terms of plans, but Amazon Prime is a little more affordable than Spotify.

Audio Quality

Good audio quality is one of the most important factors when listening to music. This section will briefly discuss which platform provides better audio quality.

There are three different audio quality levels available on Spotify.

  • Automatic (Depend on your Internet speed and improves in ascending order)
  • Low
  • High
  • Normal
  • Very High

On the other hand, Amazon Music offers two different audio qualities.

  • Wifi comes with three settings (Best available, HD/Ultra HD, and standard)
  • Mobile data comes with four different settings (Best available, HD/Ultra HD, standard, and data saver)

Let’s take a closer look at all of these settings.

  • Low Audio Quality:

Both platforms offer different levels of audio quality, one of which is Low Quality. On Spotify, 24 kbps is the audio quality, and on Amazon Music, 24-96 kbps is the low-audio quality.

  • Normal Audio Quality

You can listen to Spotify’s normal quality at 96 kbps and Amazon Music’s at 128-192 kbps

  • High Audio Quality

Quality streaming means 160 kbps and 360 kbps. And both platforms provide this streaming quality.

As a result of comparing the audio qualities of these two different platforms, it has been determined that Amazon Music is superior to Spotify regarding audio quality. In addition, Amazon offers HD/Ultra HD streaming at 850 to 3730 kbps.

Additional Features

PlatformsMusic CatalogueTimestamp SharingPersonal PlaylistsSmart Algorithm
Spotify80 MillionYesYesYes
Amazon Music90 MillionNoYesYes

During my research and experience, I found that both platforms share similar features. Both applications have similar audio quality, pricing, and user interfaces. There are behind-the-scenes features on both platforms. It is known as Storyline on Spotify and X-ray on Amazon Music. So when it comes to features, both applications are great. Moreover, Also read Spotify vs YouTube Music.


There is no doubt that content is king on every platform. Both Spotify and Amazon Music are content-rich platforms. Check out the full description to find out which platform offers the best content.

Both Spotify and Amazon Music are leading music brands. Spotify has about 80 million plus songs; on the other hand, Amazon Music has 90 million songs and music. It is increasing daily as new artists upload their songs to these platforms. Podcasts are available on both platforms, but Spotify is the leader in podcasts. Around 70000 podcasts are available on Spotify.

Their users receive high-quality content from both companies. The most popular show on Amazon Music is Amazon Mixtape. For podcast lovers, Spotify is the best choice. 


Most major brands use Artificial Intelligence to track user habits, including Google, Spotify, Amazon Music, and Youtube Music. The most powerful AI is in Spotify and Amazon Music, providing excellent music discovery features.

Take a look first at Spotify. A strong artificial intelligence tracks users’ listening history and recommends music based on their activity. 

Next, let’s discuss Amazon Music. There are many similarities between Amazon Music and Spotify AI. Like Spotify, Amazon also tracks users’ listening habits and recommends songs and music based on those habits.  

Compared to Amazon Music, Spotify AI performs better. A detailed comparison of Spotify and Amazon Music above shows that Spotify is a better music streaming service.

My Personal View:

Spotify and Amazon Music are two of the most popular brands in the music industry. It has been four to five years since I started using Spotify Premium APK and Spotify Plus For iOS. Before Spotify, I used Amazon Music. In my opinion, Spotify is better than Amazon Music. Amazon Music is not as good as Spotify when it comes to features. As a result, I recommend Spotify rather than Amazon Music.


Hopefully, after reading this post, you are no longer worried about Spotify vs Amazon. I have covered both platforms from every angle just like Spotify vs Tidal. Now decide which platform suits you.