Spotify vs Pandora – In-Depth Comparison

The ultimate goal of any music lover is to find a quality music streaming service with a large user base and unlimited premium features. Therefore, many music streaming platforms are competing today, and users need clarification about which is best.

There is no doubt that Spotify is the most notable music streaming platform, but Pandora is another one that gives Spotify a hard time. In terms of features, Spotify and Pandora have a lot to offer which you will know in this Spotify vs Pandora comparison guide.

This review aims to help you decide which application is right for you. I will compare the different features of both applications. Now let’s take a look at Spotify vs Pandora to find out who will win.

spotify vs pandora

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Spotify vs Pandora: Pricing

PlatformsFree PlansIndividual PlanStudent PlanFamily PlanDUO Plan

Spotify is a little bit expensive when it comes to plans and pricing. Spotify offers four plans: Individual, DUO, Student and Family.

  • Individual: Spotify’s individual plan costs around $9.99/month.
  • DUO: Spotify duo plan costs around $9.99/month.
  • Student: Spotify student plan costs around $4.99/month.
  • Family: Spotify family plan costs around $15.99/month.

Compared to Spotify, Pandora offers only one plan that is much cheaper. An individual Pandora plan will cost you around $4.00/month, which is reasonable.

Pandora and Spotify both offer free versions. The free plan contains ads and other limitations but is good for discovering the platform.

Audio Quality

Audio quality is the most important factor when it comes to enjoying music. This section aims to compare both platforms and see which platform is way ahead.

For the free version of Spotify, you’ll receive 1660 kbps of streaming quality, whereas, for the premium version, you’ll receive 320 kbps.

A free Pandora subscription comes with 64 kbps streaming quality, whereas a premium subscription comes with 192 kbps streaming quality.

Therefore, it is clear that Spotify performs better in audio quality, so if you want to listen to high-quality music, Spotify is the best option.

User Interface

A streaming platform’s user interface is its most important component. Good user interfaces make it easy for users to navigate around the platform. In terms of the user interface, let’s compare both platforms.

Spotify has a dark black theme that is attractive. Spotify’s home screen contains a sidebar with options like playlists, collections, and profiles. All the options are accessible from the home screen. You can search for any song using the search bar. On Spotify, all content is categorized by genre. Therefore, Spotify makes it much easier to find and listen to songs.

pandora user interface

On the other hand, the Pandora theme contains different colors. It is probably a mixture of dark and light blue colors, which looks nice. You will find For you, My collection, Find, and Profile options at the bottom of Pandora. You can easily operate Pandora using these options.

In terms of User Interface, both platforms are working well. Both have easy-to-use interfaces. There is almost no difference between both platforms’ interfaces, so you can use either.


Streaming applications are most successful when they have quality content. The majority of users examine Streaming Platforms in terms of content before subscribing. Let’s take a closer look at the content on both platforms in this section.

Over 80 million songs are available on Spotify. This is a really impressive number. The podcasts offered by Spotify are also really worth the price. Spotify is the best place to find your favorite artists.

Conversely, Pandora only has 10 million songs, far less than Spotify’s 80 million. 

Spotify is a content-rich platform that provides a variety of content. So in terms of content, Spotify is the winner.

hand curated listening experience


Availability is an important factor to consider before choosing a platform. You need to ensure that your device is compatible with the platform and easily accessible in your country.

You can subscribe to Spotify from anywhere in the world. However, Pandora is only available in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand. Only these countries are eligible for Pandora premium subscriptions.

Both platforms support mobile applications. You can also use any application through your web browser. 

In terms of availability, Spotify is much better than Pandora.

Additional Features

PlatformsMusic CatalogueTimestamp SharingPersonal PlaylistsSmart Algorithm
Spotify80 MillionYesYesYes
Pandora10 MillionNoYesYes

As I mentioned above, both streaming platforms offer additional features worth exploring. The following section examines the additional features of both streaming services.

  • Download – Users of Spotify can download songs, podcasts, and artists’ songs for offline listening, but Pandora does not support downloads.
  • Custom Playlists – Custom playlists are available on Spotify but not on Pandora.
  • Parent Control – There is a cool parental control feature on Pandora that Spotify doesn’t have.
  • Voice Assistance – The Pandora voice assistance feature allows users to control their Pandora activities. It’s great.


As a result of this detailed comparison between the two platforms, it is clear that Spotify is far ahead in terms of features, unlike other streaming platforms. Please comment if you need more clarification about Spotify and Pandora. Our team is here to help.