How To Make, Edit, And Delete Playlist on Spotify?

Previously, you would have purchased CDs for your car, but Spotify has replaced that practice. The popularity of playlists has increased in recent years, but it’s also a good way to categorize your songs, music, and podcasts. If you are a Spotify user or want to know How To Create a Playlist on Spotify?, then this guide is for you.

Using Spotify++, you can create, Edit, and delete playlists. In this tutorial, I’ll briefly guide you through it. In addition, I will reveal my favorite playlist that I enjoy listening to.

How To Create a Playlist on Spotify

Although it depends on which device you are using, Spotify’s playlist creation process is very simple and easy. The purpose of this article is to cover all devices. Stay tuned.

How To Create a Spotify Playlist On Mobile & Tablet?

In both mobile and tablet devices, the process of creating playlists is almost the same. But on the other hand if you want to clear Spotify queue then it may requires some additional steps. However, If you want to create a Spotify playlist on a mobile or tablet, follow these steps.

  • Log in to your Spotify account by opening the app.
  • At the bottom of your screen, you’ll find the Library Option.
  • After that, click on Create a Playlist.
  • Choose a Name for Your Playlist based on your preferences.
  • Then click Create, and you’re done.

How to Add Songs To Your Playlist?

Adding songs to a playlist on Spotify is the next step after creating a playlist. You can also customize this playlist based on your preferences. It is possible to add any song to a Spotify playlist. The steps below will show you how to add songs to your Spotify playlist.

  • Choose the Songs you want to add to your playlist.
  • On Android, click on the three dots (…), but on iOS, tap on the three Vertical Lines.
  • Click Add To Playlist after that.
  • After selecting your desired playlist, you’re done.

How to Edit Playlists On Spotify?

Here are the steps you need to follow to edit your playlist, such as removing or customizing songs.

  • Open your targeted playlist on Spotify by logging in to your account.
  • If you are using Android, click on the Three Dots (…), while if you are using iOS, tap on the three Vertical Lines.
  • After that, click Edit.
  • The Minus Sign allows you to delete any song from the playlist.
  • A music recording can be done using three lines, and the recording can be added to a playlist.

How To Delete Playlists on Spotify?

The process of deleting any playlist on Spotify is not very complicated. If you are using Spotify on Android, click on three dots, while if you are on iOS, hit three vertical lines. Then click on Delete Playlist, and you’re done.

How To Create a Playlist on Spotify?

To create a playlist on a desktop, follow these simple and easy steps I have explained below. Creating a playlist on Mac and Windows is much easier.

On a Mac, press Cmd-N

On Windows, press Ctrl-N

You can easily create a playlist by clicking these shortcuts without going through other steps.

  • On the desktop, open your Spotify account and click Create a Playlist.
  • Hit the Save button after naming your playlist.

How To Add New Songs To Spotify Playlist?

  • Choose your targeted song and Right-Click it.
  • Click on Add To Playlist.
  • Select a Playlist.
  • After that, click Save.

How To Edit Your Playlist?

There are a few clicks required to remove any song from the playlist. You can do that by following these steps.

  • Go to your Playlist.
  • Right-click the Song you want to remove and select Remove.
  • For recording, dragging options are also available.

How To Delete Specific Playlists on Spotify?

The process of deleting is quite simple. Open the Song you wish to delete, Right-Click it, and Choose Delete from the playlist.

Top Playlist on Spotify – 10 Best Playlist That I Love To Listen In My Spare Time

BY: RapCaviar

Followers: 14.4 million

No. of likes: 14,762,631

By: Viva Latine

Followers: 11.6 million

Likes: 12,727,040

By: Baila Reggaeton

Followers: 10 million

Likes: 10,642,559

By: Most Necessary

Likes: 2,693,687

By: AntiPoP

Likes: 672,590

By: Hot Country

Likes: 6,708,883

By: All out 70S

Likes: 4,555,534

By: Confidence Boost

Likes: 3,594,394

By: Guilty Pleasures

Likes: 3,095,723

By: Esenciales

Likes: 2,482,899


As a result of reading this article, you are now easily able to create your playlists. If you have questions about “How To Create Playlists On Spotify? “Please leave your comments below. Also read my previous post which is on “How To Use Spotify?