How To See Top Artists on Spotify?

There are thousands of music streaming platforms, but Spotify is one of the most popular because it offers a wide range of features that users love. In general, Spotify updates its entire platform constantly and tries to add new features that make it more convenient.

Spotify also comes with Top artists’ features, among other premium features. Premium Spotify users can easily watch the top artists. Are you wondering how to see top artists on Spotify? You’re on the right track. With the help of this article, you can easily discover top artists on Spotify.

how to see top artists on spotify?

Top Artists on Spotify

There are a lot of trendy artists available on Spotify. On Spotify, viewing top artists is simple and easy, but it requires different steps depending on the device. I’ll cover most devices in this guide.

There are several ways users can access this feature. Spotify’s official website or app lets you view the list of top artists.

Now I will go into more detail about the process. Let’s get started.

See Top Artists on Spotify Through Website?

You can easily access Spotify’s top artists on your desktop by following these few steps.

  • Just hit the login button after clicking on this link:
  • Once you have logged into your Spotify account, click the Top Artists option.
  • Spotify’s top artists will appear once you click the Top Artists option.

You can access your account through any medium if you forget your Spotify password or email. Spotify lets you log in with Facebook, Google, or Apple via its web application. You can find almost everything you need to know on the top artists’ page, like top artists for the last six months or a lifetime.

See Top Artists on Spotify Through App?

It is not yet possible to access the Top Artists feature on Spotify’s app. However, The top artists on Spotify can be viewed using a variety of third-party applications.

See Top Artists on Spotify Through Android?

To open Spotify’s top artists on Android, you must install a third-party app called Stats. FM for Spotify from the Google Play Store.

  • Download and install this application.
  • Sign in with your Spotify account.
  • You can access Spotify’s top artists easily after signing up.

See Top Artists on Spotify through iOS?

iOS users can watch the top artists using Stats. FM for Spotify, a third-party app. Once you install this application and log in with your Spotify account, you will see the list of top artists on the home screen.

Final Words

After reading this guide, you’ll be able to see top artists on Spotify. You can now find the list of top artists on the Spotify web application, Android or iOS. Feel free to use the comment section if you still have questions or queries. You might also enjoy a new guide that explores the artist’s perspective on connecting with their audience.