Spotify vs Deezer – In-Depth Comparison

A growing number of people are using Spotify every day. Since its launch over a decade ago, Spotify has become one of the leading music brands and provides quality features for its users. It’s become difficult to choose the best music streaming platform with various options on the market today.

Currently, Deezer is also competing against Spotify in the audio streaming market. Are you confused about Spotify vs Deezer? Then read through this detailed comparison to determine which one is best for you.

Deezer and Spotify both offer unlimited features and premium content. I will compare both platforms from several angles before declaring a winner.

spotify vs deezer

Spotify vs Deezer – In-Depth Comparison

In addition to the unlimited features and premium content mentioned above, both platforms offer a wide range of options. In this guide, I will compare maximum features to help you decide which platform is right for you.

Detailed Analyses of Different Features

User Interface

For users, a smooth and good interface is always a blessing. Therefore, let’s first look at both platforms’ user interfaces.

Spotify has a dark black theme, while Deezer has a light, bright theme. Compared to Deezer, Spotify has more features on the homepage, including “Made for You,” “Search by Artists,” and “Music by Genre.” Meanwhile, Deezer offers almost the same features, such as “Your Favorite Artists” and “Recommended Playlists.” 

Accordingly, Spotify’s interface is far superior to Deezer’s when comparing both music platforms. Moreover, Spotify offers a drag-and-drop playlist creation feature that allows you to drag any song into a playlist. On Deezer, creating a playlist is a little bit difficult.

Audio Quality

Music lovers look for good audio quality in Audio Streaming Platforms. The purpose of this section is to compare both platforms and determine which is better.

  • HiFi Audio: The premium version of Deezer includes HiFi audio quality settings, while Spotify is working on this feature. This feature will be available on Spotify soon as well.
  • Audio Streaming: Unlike Spotify, Deezer contains a much better audio streaming service that streams at 120 kbps.
  • Download Quality: Both platforms offer download capabilities. Therefore, both platforms offer similar download quality.
  • Equalizer Settings: Each platform provided equalizer settings. These settings can be accessed on both platforms easily.
  • Premium Plan: They both deliver nearly the same quality in premium plans.
  • Radio: Spotify does not contain traditional radio stations, unlike Deezer, which offers 32,000 international and local stations for its premium subscribers.

HiFi Audio is the most patented feature. Sadly, Spotify is still working on this feature. This feature is available in Deezer but not on Spotify. However, Spotify promises that users will soon be able to access this feature. Overall, Spotify offers better audio quality than Deezer.


There is no doubt that content is the most important part of these platforms. Millions of songs, podcasts, and music are available on both platforms. According to Spotify, there is about 80 million audio, while Deezer offers 90 million. 

Content-wise, both platforms produce excellent music, audio, and podcasts. Spotify has more podcasts than Deezer in its library, but Deezer is trying to fill this gap by adding more podcasts.

Therefore, both platforms are best in terms of content. Users can access high-quality content on both platforms. 

Price & Plans

Many users are more concerned about prices and plans than anything else. The following table gives you a clear idea.

PlatformFree PlanIndividual PlanStudent PlanDUO PlanFamily Plan

Both Spotify and Deezer offer free plans with limitations such as ads and a limited number of tracks. Based on this table, Spotify’s premium individual plan is slightly cheaper than Deezer’s.

Each brand offers family, individual, and student plans. The Spotify family plan is a good option if you want to subscribe to multiple accounts for a lower amount. Spotify’s student plan is also worth checking out.

Benefits of Premium Plans

  • No Ads
  • Offline Listening
  • Unlimited tracks
  • Listen to music everywhere
  • Enjoy non-stop music

Deezer is a bit more expensive than Spotify. With Spotify, you can enjoy premium listening even with a low budget.

Additional Features

Now let’s talk about some of the additional features of both platforms.

PlatformsAds SkipsSongs SkipsOffline StreamingEasy to Operate
Deezer MusicYesYesYesYes

These two brands provide lyrics if an artist uploads them. Users of Spotify and Deezer are permitted to use these apps while driving. Additionally, Spotify can be used with Google Maps thanks to its additional features. Both brands are currently working on AI, and you can search for songs based on their tunes. As Deezer expands daily, it is now available worldwide, while Spotify is only available in a few countries.


This guide covers everything you need to know about Spotify vs Deezer just like in one of my previous comparisons which is about Spotify vs Amazon Music. You will now be able to determine what platform suits you based on your requirements after reading this article.

If you prefer to listen to free music, Spotify is the service for you; however, if you want more content, Deezer is a better choice, and the premium plans are almost similar. Let us know what you think in the comments section. Also, read my Spotify comparison with SoundCloud.