How to Hide or Unhide a Song from Spotify Music Library

Spotify is the world’s largest music directory with millions of songs from different artists and singers in different genres. No doubt, this is a gift for music lovers but its shuffle function can also blow your mood if you are listening to sad songs but shuffle may start a hip hop song. To overcome this situation you have a “hide feature” in Spotify Premium and Spotify++ App which will help you hide the songs you do not want to listen to. 

How to Hide or Unhide Songs from Spotify

This feature is very helpful but still there are some limitations written below:

  • Hide feature is only available for Android and iOS Mobile devices.
  • On the Spotify web player you can not hide songs and the songs you are hiding on mobile can also come in your way because Spotify is an interest oriented platform.It shows you songs you have recently  listened to or match your previous song choices.
  • If you have liked a song before or added it into your playlist you are not able to hide it on your Android or iPhone as well.

You can only hide public songs and playlists in Spotify and you also need the same account to be logged in if you have two or more devices so that your choice will be remembered by the app. You can also unhide the songs if you need to listen to that song in future.

How to Hide or Unhide a Song from Spotify Music Library

You can easily hide or unhide your desired song from Spotify by following the procedure given below:

How to Hide Songs from Spotify

By following these simple steps you can easily hide songs you are not interested in.

  • Open Spotify app on your Android or iPhone device.
  • Go to the song , album or playlist you want to hide.
  • Click on the three dots icon appearing on the right side of the song’s playbar.
  • Click on Hide song and you are done.

How to Undo Hidden Songs on Spotify Music

You have to follow the same process as you have used to hide.

  • Search for the song you want to unhide.
  • After clicking on three dots tap on the hidden button and you are able to see that song again publicly.

Why do you need to hide an entertaining song?

It may not match your interest or Spotify will try to entertain all famous and new song creators by showing their songs to all its audience. This will also help Spotify identify the user’s mindset and interest in music. You can also block artists if you do not want to hear their songs and artists can also block followers they do not want in their fan list.