How to Block and Unblock an Artist on Spotify

Spotify is working very hard to provide their users with a better experience in music listening and adding new features that help their users to customize the app according to their moods and tastes. Now you can block or hide artists on Spotify you didn’t enjoy listening to.

You can block a specific artist to stop their songs appearing in your recommendation but after blocking you will not be able to see all their songs. If you want to block a single song from a specific genre or album this can also be done (That’s why i love Spotify as the Spotify team is enhancing users’ ability to do what they want). Now get back to the topic and if you want to get rid of an artist completely you need to read the complete guide.


How to Block an Artist on Spotify in Mobile (Android or iOS)

Follow these simple steps:

  • Find the artist you want to block by entering his name on the search bar or you can also search for his song and select the artist name tab to go to his profile from there.
  • Here you will find a three-dot menu option right below the name of the artist click on it.
  • You will see a bunch of options select “Don’t play this” and you are done.

Circumstances of Blocking an Artist

You will not be able to see and play any of his songs. You need to unblock him to listen to his songs again by going again to his profile and clicking on the icon showing in place of the following button.

Block an Artist on Spotify Desktop Web Player

I do not know why Spotify has not added many options in their web player but the sad news is that you can not block an artist or hide a song on the web player. So, you need to do this through your mobile app. After that sign in through the same email, and you are logged in to your mobile app. Otherwise, you will see the songs from that artist.

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