A Beginner’s Guide to Spotify Personality Test and Types

The intersection of music and personality has always been a captivating realm, and Spotify has taken this connection to a whole new level. The Spotify Personality Test is a feature within Spotify Wrapped that assigns users one of 16 distinct personality types based on their music preferences and listening behaviors. In this easy-to-follow guide, I will introduce you to the fascinating world of your personal musical identity.


Understanding the Spotify Personality Test

Imagine a special gift from Spotify that arrives every December. It’s called Spotify Wrapped and it’s like opening a present filled with insights into your music journey throughout the year. Among these insights is the “Listening Personality” report, revealing the kind of music lover you are akin to the widely popular Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

Metrics that Shape Your Musical Identity:

The Spotify Listening Personality is crafted based on four key metrics, The letters in your Spotify Personality type, like ENVU or FTVU, represent a mix of these four ideas. Each combination gives you a unique label that shows how you like to listen to music.

  1. Familiarity vs. Exploration
  2. Loyalty vs. Variety
  3. Timelessness vs. Newness
  4. Commonality vs. Uniqueness

Let’s delve deeper into each key metric of the Spotify Listening Personality to gain a comprehensive understanding of how these elements shape your unique musical identity.

Familiarity vs. Exploration (F/E):

Familiarity (F):

  • Definition: This aspect measures how much you tend to listen repeatedly to your favorite artists.
  • Example Scenario: If you find yourself consistently playing songs from a select few artists, your Familiarity score would be higher.

Exploration (E):

  • Definition: This measures your inclination to discover new artists and explore a broader range of music.
  • Example Scenario: If you often seek out and play tracks from artists you haven’t heard before, your Exploration score would be higher.

Loyalty vs. Variety (L/V):

Loyalty (L):

  • Definition: Indicates the extent to which you stick to the same tracks and play them repeatedly.
  • Example Scenario: If you have a playlist filled with your all-time favorite songs that you frequently revisit, your Loyalty score would be higher.

Variety (V):

  • Definition: Measures your tendency to cycle through a diverse range of tracks before returning to the same one.
  • Example Scenario: If you enjoy exploring a wide array of songs without repeating them too often, your Variety score would be higher.

Timelessness vs. Newness (T/N):

Timelessness (T):

  • Definition: Reflects your preference for older, classic tunes that have stood the test of time.
  • Example Scenario: If you frequently listen to music from past decades and established classics, your Timelessness score would be higher.

Newness (N):

  • Definition: Indicates your enthusiasm for discovering and playing the latest releases and trending tracks.
  • Example Scenario: If your playlist is often filled with the latest hits and newly released songs, your Newness score would be higher.

Commonality vs. Uniqueness (C/U):

Commonality (C):

  • Definition: Measures your tendency to listen to popular artists and songs that many others also enjoy.
  • Example Scenario: If your playlist aligns with the global top charts and popular hits, your Commonality score would be higher.

Uniqueness (U):

  • Definition: Reflects your inclination to explore less mainstream or more niche artists, seeking a more unique musical experience.
  • Example Scenario: If you often discover and enjoy music that’s off the beaten path, your Uniqueness score would be higher.

16 Spotify Spotify Personality Types

Spotify’s innovative Listening Personality feature decodes the mysteries, assigning users one of 16 distinct personality types based on their music preferences and listening behaviors. Let’s explore each Spotify Listening Personality type in detail, understanding the characteristics and behaviors associated with each one.

1. The Adventurer (ENVU):

  • Description: Adventurers are seekers of sound who venture into the unknown, searching for fresher artists, deeper cuts, and newer tracks.
  • Characteristics:
    • Enjoys exploring a wide range of music genres.
    • Actively seeks out emerging and lesser-known artists.
    • Thrives on discovering hidden gems within the music landscape.

2. The Early Adopter (ENVC):

  • Description: Early Adopters stay on the pulse of new music, always seeking the next hot thing in the music scene.
  • Characteristics:
    • Quick to discover and embrace new trends in the music industry.
    • Actively follows emerging artists and the latest releases.
    • Enjoys being among the first to know about upcoming hits.

3. The Deep Diver (FTVU):

  • Description: Deep Divers delve into their favorite artists’ catalogs, taking in all the sights and sounds they discover along the way.
  • Characteristics:
    • Prefers exploring and appreciating the entire discography of favorite artists.
    • Enjoys uncovering hidden tracks, B-sides, and rare performances.
    • Immerses themselves in the rich tapestry of an artist’s musical journey.

4. The Devotee (FNLU):

  • Description: Devotees have an encyclopedic knowledge of their most beloved artists, knowing the words to the deep cuts and hits alike.
  • Characteristics:
    • Displays unwavering loyalty to favorite artists.
    • Knows lyrics to a vast array of songs, including lesser-known tracks.
    • Cherishes the entire body of work from beloved musicians.

5. The Replayer (FTLU):

  • Description: Replayers are comfort listeners who stick to the songs they like by the artists they love, creating playlists with familiar tunes.
  • Characteristics:
    • Enjoys the comfort and familiarity of a select few artists.
    • Creates playlists filled with favorite songs for repeated listening.
    • Resists the urge to deviate from the musical favorites.

6. The Connoisseur (FTLC):

  • Description: Connoisseurs have a taste that people can get behind, curating playlists that never disappoint.
  • Characteristics:
    • Creates well-crafted playlists with a broad appeal.
    • Selects tracks that are both popular and artistically satisfying.
    • Has a knack for assembling music that resonates with a wide audience.

7. The Maverick (ETLU):

  • Description: Mavericks are rebellious music lovers who frolic in the sidestream, avoiding mainstream choices.
  • Characteristics:
    • Enjoys exploring alternative and less mainstream genres.
    • Thrives on discovering music that deviates from popular trends.
    • Takes pride in being a musical non-conformist.

8. The Fan Clubber (FNVC):

  • Description: Fan Clubbers are every artist’s ideal fans, supporting their favorite musicians with a full heart.
  • Characteristics:
    • Demonstrates unwavering support for beloved artists.
    • Engages deeply with fan communities and events.
    • Celebrates and promotes the work of favorite musicians wholeheartedly.

9. The Top Charter (ETLC):

  • Description: Top Charters prefer the hits only, embracing popular and chart-topping songs.
  • Characteristics:
    • Enjoys listening to widely popular and mainstream tracks.
    • Follows global music charts and trends closely.
    • Finds satisfaction in the familiarity of well-known hits.

10. The Enthusiast (FNLC):

  • Description: Enthusiasts are super fans who always know what their idols are doing, ready to support them.
  • Characteristics:
    • Keeps a close eye on the activities and releases of favorite artists.
    • Actively participates in fan communities and discussions.
    • Excitedly supports and engages with the work of beloved musicians.

11. The Time Traveler (ETVU):

  • Description: Time Travelers seek out music that’s new to them, regardless of whether it’s new to the rest of the world.
  • Characteristics:
    • Explores diverse musical eras, including both old and new releases.
    • Enjoys discovering timeless classics alongside contemporary tracks.
    • Finds joy in the eclectic journey through different musical periods.

12. The Musicologist (ETVC):

  • Description: Musicologists are preoccupied with the sonic elements of songs, gravitating towards compositions that stand the test of time.
  • Characteristics:
    • Analyzes and appreciates the intricate musical details in songs.
    • Prefers tracks with lasting artistic and sonic value.
    • Enjoys exploring the nuances of musical composition.

13. The Nomad (ENLU):

  • Description: Nomads are sonic explorers, happy to listen to all kinds of music, carrying favorite artists and songs like musical souvenirs.
  • Characteristics:
    • Explores diverse genres without being tied to a specific musical identity.
    • Adopts a flexible and open approach to musical discovery.
    • Views each musical experience as a unique journey.

14. The Voyager (ENLC):

  • Description: Voyagers live and breathe music, expanding their world through sound exploration.
  • Characteristics:
    • Immerses themselves in a wide spectrum of musical genres.
    • Views music as a powerful means of expanding personal horizons.
    • Enjoys discovering new sounds and artists from various cultural backgrounds.

15. The Jukeboxer (FTVC):

  • Description: Jukeboxers treat every liked song as one of their favorites, ready to queue them all up for continuous enjoyment.
  • Characteristics:
    • Maintains an extensive playlist with a diverse collection of liked songs.
    • Enjoys shuffling through a varied musical repertoire.
    • Views each liked the song as a potential favorite for different moods.

16. The Specialist (FNVU):

  • Description: Specialists are the most selective, curating their musical preferences with a deep commitment once they fall in love with an artist.
  • Characteristics:
    • Chooses music and artists with meticulous attention.
    • Exhibits a high level of selectivity in musical preferences.
    • Once committed, remains dedicated to a curated selection of favorite artists and tracks.

How to Take Spotify Personality Test: Simple Steps

  • Check Your Spotify Wrapped: Open Spotify in December to find your special “Spotify Wrapped” gift.
  • Find Your Listening Personality Report:  Look for the “Listening Personality” report in your Spotify Wrapped.
  • Understand Your Musical Self: Learn about the four matrices i have discussed above and discover what makes your musical personality unique.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Spotify determine my Listening Personality?

Spotify determines your Listening Personality based on four key metrics: Familiarity vs. Exploration, Loyalty vs. Variety, Timelessness vs. Newness, and Commonality vs. Uniqueness.

Can I retake the Spotify Personality Test?

No, the Spotify Personality Test is a one-time analysis based on your recent listening habits. It updates annually as part of the Spotify Wrapped experience.

How accurate is the Spotify Personality Test?

The accuracy of the Spotify Personality Test is subjective, as it reflects your recent listening patterns. It’s designed to provide a fun and personalized insight into your music preferences.

Can I share my Personality Type on social media?

Yes, you can share your Spotify Personality Type on social media platforms, allowing friends and followers to discover more about your unique musical identity.

Is the Personality Test available to all users?

Yes, the Spotify Personality Test is part of the annual Spotify Wrapped experience and is available to all Spotify users.

Can I customize my Personality Type?

No, your Spotify Personality Type is determined by an algorithm based on your recent listening behaviors, and it cannot be customized.

End Note

As you explore your Spotify Personality, remember that there’s no right or wrong way to enjoy music. It’s all about your unique journey. So, unlock the magic of Spotify personality, and let the music guide you through a world of melodies that are uniquely yours. You can also explore Spotify’s Daylist playlist to listen to music according to your preferences throughout the day.

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