Why Am I Getting Ads on Spotify Premium and How to Stop It?

Most often it is because you are listening to a Podcast, Premium doesn’t cover podcast ads. Podcast creators often include ads for revenue. Skip them manually or use the “Skip Ads” feature available in some podcasts. This issue is not solvable by Spotify, but if you are seeing ads while listening to music, directly approach Spotify support.

Renowned for its promise of an ad-free auditory haven, Spotify Premium stands as the epitome of uninterrupted music streaming. However, the revelation that ads could breach this sanctuary left me questioning the very essence of the premium subscription that promised an immersive listening experience.


My Personal Experience:

Imagine this: you’ve got Spotify Premium, you hit play, and boom! An ad shows up. This happened to me, and I wanted answers. So, I set out on a mission to figure out why our Premium party was getting crashed.

Why Am I Getting Ads on Spotify Premium?

We all know Spotify Premium is the VIP pass to ad-free music. But then, ads appear out of nowhere. What’s the deal? Let’s break it down.

Reasons Behind Ads on Spotify Premium:

1. Podcasts and Sponsorships:

  • The Encounter: While enjoying a podcast, I stumbled upon sponsorships and promotional content, disrupting the perceived ad-free promise of Spotify Premium.
  • The Solution: Recognizing that podcast content, even for Premium users, may contain unavoidable sponsorships. Strategies like fast-forward and “Skip Ads” became vital tools in reclaiming an ad-free podcast experience.

4. Regional Restrictions:

  • The Encounter: Regional nuances emerged as a potential cause for ad appearances on Spotify Premium.
  • The Solution: Acknowledging that regional guidelines might affect ad presence, users were prompted to check local regulations and terms for a comprehensive understanding.

2. Account Issues and Expiry:

  • The Encounter: Ads persisted, raising concerns about the status of my Premium subscription.
  • The Solution: Vigilance in monitoring account status and addressing any subscription lapses or syncing problems became paramount to ensure an undisrupted Premium experience.

5. Spotify Premium Ad Script:

  • The Encounter: Specific ad scripts blurred the line between regular ads and promotional messages, contributing to the confusion.
  • The Solution: Educating users about the nature of Spotify Premium Ad Scripts and their distinction from regular ads became crucial for a nuanced understanding.

3. Ad-Blockers Interference:

  • The Encounter: Despite premium status, ad-blockers unintentionally became adversaries, causing conflicts and ad infiltrations.
  • The Solution: An understanding of how ad-blockers can impact Premium functionality and the subsequent disabling or whitelisting of Spotify proved pivotal in restoring the seamless experience.

6. Technical Glitches:

  • The Encounter: Temporary glitches and server issues emerged as potential culprits for unexpected ads.
  • The Solution: Patience and awareness that technical glitches are beyond immediate control underscored the need to await resolution from the Spotify team.

Strategies to Avoid Ads on Spotify Premium Podcasts:

  • Fast Forward: The fast-forward feature emerged as a powerful ally, allowing users to manually skip ads during podcast sessions.
  • “Skip Ads” Button: Recognizing that some podcasts offer a convenient “Skip Ads” button, users can swiftly bypass advertisements and return to cherished content.
  • Download & Listen Offline: Downloading episodes for offline listening emerged as a foolproof method, ensuring an uninterrupted experience devoid of ads.
  • Curate a Playlist of Ad-Free Podcasts: The creation of curated playlists featuring podcasts with minimal or no ads became a strategic move for users seeking an ad-free experience.
  • Use Spotify Premium APK MOD: MOD APK also gives you an ad-free listing experience you can also use it to get rid of annoying ads.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Do podcast creators or Spotify insert ads in Premium accounts?

Both. Podcast creators may include ads, and Spotify may use its Premium Ad Script for promotions.

How many ads should I expect on Spotify’s free version?

Spotify aims for 2-3 minutes of ads per hour for free users.

Can I listen to Spotify podcasts ad-free with Premium?

Spotify Premium offers ad-free music, podcasts may still have ads from creators or sponsors.

Final Words

In the realm of Spotify Premium, where ad disruptions defy expectations, my expedition, coupled with savvy solutions, demystified the puzzle. Fine-tuning settings, leveraging features intelligently, and grasping the nuances ensures an ad-free symphony. Just like mastering the remote during a captivating TV show, a nuanced click is all it takes to maintain the Premium promise of uninterrupted musical bliss.

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