Discover the Fun Side : A Guide to Cool Spotify Easter Eggs

Spotify isn’t just about listening to your favorite tunes in music streaming. It’s also full of cool surprises called Easter eggs! These hidden tricks add a bit of excitement for those who like to explore.


What Exactly are Easter Eggs?

Easter eggs are hidden surprises intentionally put into software or digital media. They’re like secret features or messages waiting to be found by users who explore beyond the obvious.

They can be hidden games, secret commands, or other fun surprises added by developers to add excitement and enjoyment to the user experience. Think of them as little hidden treasures waiting to be discovered within your software.

Spotify Easter Eggs

There are five well-known easter eggs by Spotify which are as follows:

Star Wars Lightsabers

Among the galaxy of Spotify Easter eggs, none shines as brightly as the Star Wars lightsaber feature. Ever wanted to wield a lightsaber while listening to music? With Spotify, you can! Just play songs from the Star Wars soundtrack, and watch as your progress bar transforms into a colorful lightsaber. It’s like having your own little Jedi adventure right in your playlist!


Stranger Things Mode

Enter the spine-tingling world of Hawkins, Indiana, with Spotify’s Stranger Things Easter egg. As you delve into the eerie soundtrack of the hit Netflix series, watch as your Spotify interface transforms into The Upside Down, complete with floating spores and a flashlight beam. It’s a chilling reminder that sometimes, the best music comes with a touch of the supernatural.


Pride Easter Egg

In a show of solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community, Spotify introduces a Pride-themed Easter egg during LGBTQ+ Pride month. By playing tracks from artists supportive of the community, users can enjoy a colorful rainbow volume bar and uplifting slogans, spreading messages of love and acceptance. It’s a cool way to celebrate diversity and inclusion!


Nyan Cat

Remember the iconic Nyan Cat meme? Spotify pays homage to this internet sensation with a playful Easter egg that replaces the progress bar with a whimsical pink cat and a vibrant rainbow.! While it’s not available anymore, it used to replace your progress bar with the colorful cat and rainbow. It was a blast from the internet past!


Winter Christmas

This refers to a special feature or visual theme that Spotify introduces during the holiday season each year. This Easter egg may include festive elements such as a candy cane progress bar, falling snowflakes, or other holiday-themed decorations, adding a touch of seasonal magic to the Spotify interface. Specific details about the Winter Christmas Easter egg on Spotify vary annually.

How to Find These Hidden Gems:

  1. Exploration: Keep an eye out for unusual or unexpected features while using Spotify. Sometimes, Easter eggs reveal themselves through exploration.
  2. Community Discoveries: Join online communities or forums where users share their findings. Others may have stumbled upon Easter eggs you haven’t yet discovered.
  3. Platform Updates: Pay attention to platform updates and announcements. Sometimes, new Easter eggs are introduced with updates or special events.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do Easter eggs change over time?

Yes, some eggs may change or be introduced annually or with platform updates, special events, or holidays, providing users with new surprises and experiences.

Are eggs available on all devices?

The eggs may vary depending on the device, platform, location, or time. Some Easter eggs may be specific to certain versions of the app or may only appear during certain periods.

Can I activate Spotify Easter eggs manually?

Some may be triggered by specific actions or commands, others may appear automatically under certain conditions, such as playing certain songs or accessing the platform during special events.

Do the eggs work on mobile devices?

Many are accessible on mobile devices, although the specific features available may differ from those on desktop or web versions of the platform.

Can I suggest ideas for new Spotify Easter eggs?

Users can share their Easter egg discoveries and ideas within the Spotify community or on social media.

Are there any security concerns related to them?

These are harmless features or visual enhancements designed to enhance the user experience.

Enjoy the Fun!

Spotify Easter eggs are like little surprises waiting to be discovered. So next time you’re listening to music, why not see what hidden treats you can find? It’s a fun way to add some extra excitement to your day!

Note: Easter eggs might not work for everyone or on every device. But if you’re lucky, you might stumble upon some hidden gems while exploring Spotify!

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