How to Share Liked Songs Playlist on Spotify [Mobile and PC Guide]

Spotify’s Liked Songs feature is a treasure trove for music enthusiasts, allowing you to effortlessly create a playlist of your favorite tracks. While sharing individual songs is straightforward, the challenge arises when you want to share your entire Liked Songs playlist. This guide explores an easy three-step method using a third-party tool and an additional strategy to ensure your friends stay updated with your ever-growing music taste.


How to Share Liked Songs on Spotify [2 Methods]

Third-Party Tool for Quick Sharing

  • Open the tool: Visit ( ) and click Continue with Spotify.

  • Sign in: Log in with your Spotify account credentials.

  • Get your playlist: Click the Get Your Playlist button to generate a public link to your Liked Songs playlist, making it easily shareable with friends.

Important Note: This is a very easy method but has one drawback each time you add new songs to your Liked Songs playlist you have to update the link by opening and clicking on Get your Playlist button to keep your friends updated.

Create a Dedicated Sharing Playlist

This method works in real-time and you only have to share the link of the playlist once and after that each time you add or delete a song from the playlist it will automatically be updated. Now let’s move towards the guide:

  • Download Spotify for PC: For an efficient process, download the Spotify desktop app. You can also download it from the Windows or Mac store.

  • Create a new playlist: Click on the “+” icon next to “Your Library” and select “Create a new playlist.” Name it accordingly, for example, “Buddy Playlist.”

  • Add Liked Songs to the new playlist: Go to “My Library,” select “Playlist,” click on your Liked Songs playlist, and choose all songs (Ctrl+A). Right-click, select “Add to playlist,” and pick your newly created “Buddy Playlist.”

  • Share the playlist: Open “Buddy Playlist,” click on the three dots (…), and select “Share.” Copy the playlist link and share it with your friends.

Conclusion: Share the Melody, Keep the Connection

By following these steps, you can effortlessly share your Liked Songs playlist on Spotify with friends. Whether you prefer the quick three-step process with the third-party tool or the runtime-friendly method of creating a dedicated playlist, your friends will now have a front-row seat to your musical journey. Keep the tunes flowing and the connection strong!


What is the Liked Songs feature on Spotify?

Every time you like a song on spotify, liking means clicking on the heart icon, the song will be added to an auto-generated playlist from spotify named “Liked Songs”.

Can I share my entire Liked Songs playlist at once on Spotify?

While Spotify doesn’t offer a built-in option to share the entire Liked Songs playlist, this guide provides alternative methods for efficient sharing.

What is the third-party tool mentioned in the guide, and is it safe to use?

The third-party tool mentioned in the guide is a web application that helps generate a public link to share your Liked Songs playlist. It’s safe to use and only requires Spotify account authentication.

Why do I need to refresh the third-party tool link when I add new songs to my Liked Songs playlist?

The third-party tool generates a static link. Refreshing the link ensures that your friends have access to the most up-to-date version of your Liked Songs playlist.

Can I create multiple playlists for sharing different sets of Liked Songs?

Absolutely! The guide suggests creating a dedicated playlist for sharing, allowing you to organize and share specific sets of Liked Songs with different friends.

Do I have to use the desktop app to add Liked Songs to a new playlist?

While you can use the web app or mobile app, the desktop app is recommended for efficiency. It allows you to select and add all songs to a new playlist at once. But for Spotify mobile and web app, you have to do it one by one.

Can I customize the name of the new playlist created for sharing Liked Songs?

Yes, can change the name of the playlist as you want by going to the playlist and selecting its title.

Is there a limit to the number of songs I can have in my Liked Songs playlist on Spotify?

Spotify allows users to have up to 10,000 songs in their Liked Songs playlist.

Can I revoke access to the third-party tool after sharing my Liked Songs playlist?

Yes, if you ever wish to stop using the third-party tool, you can visit your Spotify account settings to manage connected apps and revoke access.

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