Using Instafest To Get Your Exclusive Spotify Festival Lineup

In the ever-evolving landscape of music streaming, where personalized experiences thrive, the Spotify Instafest app emerges as a captivating tool, inviting users to transform their Spotify listening habits into visually stunning festival lineups or posters. Developed by Anshay Saboo, this third-party marvel, leveraging Spotify’s API, has gained traction as a creative platform for music enthusiasts. This guide not only explores the wonders of Instafest but also delves into its compatibility with other tools, making it a versatile companion for your musical journey.


Spotify Instafest Detailed Guide

How to Use Instafest with Spotify?

  • Access the Instafest Website: Embark on your Instafest journey by visiting the official website ( Whether you’re on a computer or mobile device, a world of musical creativity awaits with a simple click.

  • Initiating the Spotify Sign-In: Spot the vibrant green Sign in with Spotify button on the website’s interface. Click on it to kickstart the authentication process.
  • Logging In with Spotify: Log in using your Spotify credentials when prompted.

  • Personalized Lineup Curation: Sit back as Instafest’s advanced algorithms analyze your Spotify listening history over the past six months. Through the magic of this tool, a unique festival lineup featuring your most listened-to artists unfolds. Mine is below:

Compatibility with Other Tools

One of the remarkable features of Instafest lies in its compatibility with other tools, enhancing your music exploration. As you craft your festival lineup, consider the following points:

  1. LineupSupply App Integration: Instafest seamlessly integrates with the LineupSupply app, allowing you to convert your festival poster into a curated playlist. Share your musical taste not just visually but audibly.
  2. Music Scape Exploration: Combine your Instafest lineup with Music Scape to take a visual journey through your music history. Explore the evolution of your musical taste over time through vibrant visualizations.

Customization for a Personal Touch:

You can also customize your festival lineup poster, below are the possible customizations:

  • Time Duration Customization: Choose the duration of your festival lineup – the past four weeks, the previous six months, or your all-time listening history. Opting for ‘All-time‘ ensures a comprehensive and detailed festival result.
  • Style Customization: Select from three visually appealing themes – Malibu Sunrise, LA Twilight, or Mojave Dusk. Each theme adds a distinct aesthetic to your festival poster, reflecting your music tastes.
  • Festival Name Personalization: Instafest automatically incorporates your first name from your Spotify account and adds ‘fest‘ to create a unique festival name. You can customize it or leave it blank.

Sharing Your Musical Showcase:

Once satisfied with your personalized festival lineup, you have the option to download or share it on various social media platforms. On a computer, click ‘Download‘ while on a smartphone, select ‘Share‘ and then ‘Save Image‘ to share the poster.

Instafest Beyond Spotify:

Excitingly, Instafest is expanding its horizons. While initially limited to Spotify, the app has introduced a beta version for Apple Music enthusiasts. The developer envisions future support for additional platforms like, YouTube Music, Deezer, and Amazon Music, promising an even broader music discovery experience. You can also create a lineup festival poster with the help of a playlist link, currently, it only supports Apple Music and YouTube Music.

Comparing Instafest with Spotify Wrapped:

While Spotify Wrapped is an in-house creation, Instafest, developed by a third-party app developer, introduces a unique twist to the concept. Both tools delve into the realm of personalized music experiences, but Instafest takes it a step further.

It transforms your Spotify listening data into a vibrant festival lineup poster, adding a creative and shareable element to your musical preferences. The comparison lies in the personalization aspect, with Wrapped offering insights, and Instafest turning your favorite artists into a visual festival experience.

In essence, Spotify Wrapped is the official year-end summary, while Instafest injects a festive and shareable vibe into your music journey. Each serves its purpose, offering users different perspectives on their musical adventures.


1. Origins:

  • Instafest is a third-party app developed by Anshay Saboo using Spotify’s API.
  • Spotify Wrapped is an official tool created by the Spotify team.

2. Personalization:

  • Instafest creates a visual festival lineup based on top-played artists.
  • Spotify Wrapped provides a detailed year-in-review, showcasing top songs, artists, and genres.

3. User Interface:

  • Instafest focuses on visual representation with festival lineups.
  • Spotify Wrapped offers a comprehensive breakdown of listening habits.

4. Customization:

  • Instafest allows customization of festival duration, style, and name.
  • Spotify Wrapped provides a standardized year-in-review format.

Final Words

In the realm of music visualization, Instafest stands out as a tool that adds a touch of creativity and personalization to your Spotify journey. The step-by-step guide ensures that you can effortlessly transform your favorite tunes into a vibrant and shareable festival lineup. As we draw comparisons with Spotify Wrapped, Instafest offers a different, visually-driven approach to showcasing your musical preferences. Explore the magic of Instafest, showcase your musical prowess, and let your unique Spotify festival lineup become a visual celebration of your love for music. Your exclusive Spotify festival lineup is just a few clicks away!


How does Instafest work with Spotify?

Instafest uses Spotify’s API to access your listening history. By signing in with your Spotify account, the app curates a festival lineup based on the artists you’ve most listened to, creating a shareable poster.

Is Instafest safe to use?

Yes, Instafest is safe to use. It doesn’t require access to your Spotify credentials, ensuring a secure and user-friendly experience. You can revoke access at any time through Spotify’s Manage Apps page.

How does Instafest compare to Spotify Wrapped?

While Spotify Wrapped is an official year-in-review feature by Spotify, providing insights into your music habits, Instafest adds a creative touch by turning your data into a festival lineup poster. Each offers a unique perspective on your musical journey.

Can I customize my Instafest festival lineup poster?

Yes, Instafest offers customization options. You can choose the time span for your listening history, select different styles for the poster, and customize the festival name.

How do I share my Instafest festival lineup on social media?

After customizing your poster, you can download it or share it directly on social media platforms.

What is the “Basic Score” in Instafest?

The Basic Score in Instafest is a numerical rating between 1 and 100 that reflects the uniqueness of your music taste. A lower score indicates a more niche musical preference, while a higher score suggests a liking for popular artists.

Can I use Instafest on mobile devices?

Yes, you can access Instafest on mobile devices. However, for the best user experience, it’s recommended to use a web browser on a laptop or PC, as the website is not optimized for mobile devices.

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